Posted by: noturreality | July 30, 2008

Pregnant Prostitutes and Pro Life

Pregnant Prostitutes and Pro Life

Below is an article recently found on Fox News about a couple of pregnant prostitutes working for money to take care of their soon-to-be born babies. And….

What is the deal with soliciting pregnant prostitutes for sex in the first place?

Do you think these pregnant prostitutes know who their fathers are, seriously?  Which trick was it?

What will happen to these babies once they are born?  Adoption?  Eventual foster care? Life on the streets?


Two women were charged with prostitution in Camden County on Thursday after they were arrested in a sting operation at a Lake Ozark hotel last week.

Two other women were also arrested, and three of the women are pregnant. Alexandra Wells and Allysia Waldrop were both charged on Thursday. Waldrop is pregnant, but is not known if Wells is also.

The undercover bust went down at a Lake Ozark area hotel after the sheriff’s department received several reports that pregnant women were advertising prostitution on an internet advertising site.

One of the women arrested was eight months pregnant, another six months pregnant, and another was three months pregnant. They ranged in age from 18 to 22 years old.


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