Posted by: noturreality | July 23, 2008

Not so happy

Well…I’m back, I think.  After a long hiatus of not doing a damn thing, I have decided to come back to the playground of keystrokes and frolicker away.  Ha, I said frolicker.  I’m going through a little hiccup in my life right now and it’s called ‘Time for a New Gig,’ (hiccup).  For the past two years I have sat comfortably in my current job.  It was only till this past year that I became extremely agitated with it and had no love for it what so ever.  I am bored.  Bored out of my mind.  So, I have taken it upon myself to job search.  Yippy.

On another note, I’ve found myself in another wedding coming up in August.  It just so happens that the tuxes are being ordered through Men’s Wearhouse.  Men’s Wearhouse does not take measurements over the phone.  Men’s Wearhouse can fuckoff!  The closest Men’s Wearhouse is over 100 miles away and I’m not driving 100 miles, with $4 gas, to get measured for a fucking tux.

I’m bitter.     


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