Posted by: noturreality | June 5, 2008

The Chicago Cubs will win the 2008 World Series of Baseball

If you ever wanted to take an extended vacation, say quit your 9 to 5, and follow a century of solitude to its end, this would be the year.  Right now would be the time to do it.  There is no better time than now. Trade in your pink slip for Chicago Cubs tickets and make plans for Wrigley Field in late October.

Yes, this could be the season the Cubs return to the World Series and maybe, just maybe, finally flushing away 100 years of frustration for its fans.

These guys could be the ones, sitting atop the NL Central Division while parading the best record in baseball so for this season.  The last time the Cubs owned the best record in baseball in early June was in 1908, the last time the Cubs won a Championship.

So it’s been a century in the making.  I’m one for big buildups.  The bad ‘karma’ ends in 2008. 

I believe.

I grew up watching the Cubs on WGN.  My grandfather was an early pioneer in the broadcasting of the early Cubs’ games on WGN. The Chicago Cub mystique is engraved in my DNA.

As a kid in the sandlot, I would act the likes of Andrea “The Hawk” Dawson, Ryne Sandberg and Shawn Dunston, and occasionally singing the 7th inning stretch ‘Take Me Out to The Ballgame’ Harry Caray style. 

I worked one college summer as an engineer at a Cubs affiliate radio station, broadcasting Cubs games to future Cubs fans.

So it’s time to fathom the unfathomable.

I’ll make my first Cubs game of the season next Thursday afternoon when they take on the Atlanta Braves. 

I’ll also be watching the works of dissolving a century’s worth of drought in build up to the grandest celebration of a championship centennial…winning another one.

The Chicago Cubs will be the 2008 World Series Champions of Major League Baseball.



  1. I grew up on WGN too. There’s something abt watching Cubs games on any other channel that just feels wrong to me.

    And ohhhh, the crush I had on Ryne Sandberg is cringe-worthy. But then Mark Grace came along and it was a whole ‘nother ballgame from there (yeah, yeah, pun intended).

    Go Cubbies!

  2. I also grew up on Cubs games on WGN. I can’t believe they broadcast White Sox games now.

    I made my first game this last Sunday and will hit three more regular season games in addition to playoffs.

    This is our year. Check out the game by game summary.

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