Posted by: noturreality | June 4, 2008



1.       Why not?

2.       My uncle taught me how to tie my shoes

3.       The last family Christmas involved a vodka tasting

4.       I think the Country is more alive than the City

5.       30 something

6.       I’ve made a lot of baskets

7.       Not in a hurry

8.       Can we walk on that cement

9.       Before we go fishing

10.   After I golf

11.   When was the last time you photographed your surroundings

12.   California

13.   South Dakota

14.   What if’s

15.   Not really

16.   30 Days of Rehab

17.   I really need a vehicle with better gas mileage

18.   Culinary Cat

19.   Dig it

20.   Figuring out happiness

21.   Knowing hurt

22.   Never knew him

23.   Still don’t

24.   Let’s fly a kite

25.   Can you really drift apart when you’re on the water together

26.   Far from Ordinary

27.   Vegemite

28.   Tommy Bahama

29.   Reward yourself

30.   But not with Vegemite

31.   Of course I enjoy the Rain

32.   Jack was a friend

33.   Lush Green over Hard Metallic     

34.   Drinking water – Garden hose

35.   Individualism – TEAM

36.   Where I’m I going with this

37.   Cubs will win the World Series

38.   If local companies shifted 5% of their purchasing power locally there would be a nice backyard economic stimulus

39.   Park your Pleasure

40.   A few bad habits

41.   LEGOs are awesome

42.   Dedicate yourself to something

43.   Hold your applause you might miss something

44.   There’s a bottle in the cave

45.   Find beauty in the detail

46.   McDonald’s malts are made with a mix

47.   I want to paint

48.   Do you have a genius within

49.   Un-contacted civilizations?

50.   Laundry comes and goes

51.   Farmers use $250,000 combines 1 month out of the year

52.   Go puddle jumping

53.   The girl next door isn’t all she is cracked up to be

54.   Neither is the boy

55.   If you stepped in poop use nonstick cooking spray to clean the soles

56.   Wax your wooden windows

57.   Old candles keep fires burning

58.   Why not?

59.   Don’t be a has been

60.   A boy and his dog

61.   I’m not a big fan of beans

62.   A dog and his boy

63.   I love pickles

64.   What you can become you already are

65.   I enjoy RubyRed Grapefruit Juice

66.   And the V8 berry stuff

67.   And Coors Light

68.   I’ve spent far too much time in weddings

69.   Don’t do it very often

70.   Maybe I don’t love her in that capacity

71.   Never understood the concepts of purchasing alcoholic beverages from stations that fuel your vehicle

72.    Fuck it

73.   Touch the Earth

74.   Sometime it’s difficult for me to get out of bed

75.   Should I start over

76.   I hate tuna, it reminds me of cat food

77.   Educate the educated

78.   26 states, 3 continents

79.    L.A. can kill ya

80.   Only child

81.   Not a big fan of swimming in large bodies of water without a nearby coast line

82.   Verbiage from a stone’s throw

83.   Oh shit, writers block

84.   Gotta be a writer first

85.   Build a bar out of old doors

86.   Build them and try not to burn them

87.   Unfortunately it happens

88.   Bridges, not bars

89.   Kiss the Sky

90.   Some steps work, some don’t

91.   Sundogs

92.   Find different ways to say I love you

93.   Accept those different ways

94.   Imagine the sounds of 100 baby chicks

95.   In what direction is your weather vane pointing

96.   What

97.   Live Music

98.   The road less traveled

99.   Will take you everywhere you want to go

100.   And then some

101.   Not Your Reality


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