Posted by: noturreality | June 3, 2008

The meaning of my bat visit

Okay, so I thought I was going to be all cool and stuff, being The Bat Hunter.  It turns out, while I was out at a social event last week, the girlfriend dropped the bat with a pillow that evening.  She took my flare, stole the show and took the podium out from under me by disposing the bat with one easy swing of the pillow.

Despite having very little thunder during my bat hunt expedition, guess what happened AGAIN last night? Damn right!  Bat #2, doce zorro volador!  Doce murcielago.  Doce.  Shit the bed. Shit the bed, again. 

(Why did I call the bat a flying fox?)

I have a beautiful house, decorated very nice on the inside and out.  The place has great feng shui, regardless of an occasional visit of a bat or two.  The main floor is beauteous, as are two of the three upstairs rooms. So, I guess, there is an exception.  There is one room upstairs that is not finished, which is probably messing with the upstairs feng shui and more or less throwing the entire house off the feng shui rocker.  I have a sneaky suspicion that my flying guests are entering through the unfinished room, the room with the least feng shui. 

This has to be the case.  The bats must be entering through the unfinished, currently being used as a, huge walk-in-closet of a room.  The walls are unfinished.  The floors are unfinished.  The entire room is unfinished.  The house is unfinished.  The feng shui is unfinished.  The only thing that is finished is a good night’s rest.      

I’m stuck.  I absolutely hate the feeling of a flying animal in a confined room while I sleep.  It creeps me out, even after shutting all the doors and closing the bat out, it makes it difficult to fall back asleep.  Paranoia sets in.  It’s a very uneasy, unfinished, feeling. 

So what could possibly be the reason for visit number two?  Does this creature’s visit have some sort of symbolic meaning? 

Is the bat the Guardian of the Night?  Does it represent longevity and double nature?  Does peace and wisdom come with a visiting bat?  Is the bat the totem of the shaman, teaching people to go into the night of inner darkness and emerge reborn while reminding them that eyes are only one way of seeing clearly? 

Does this make any sense?

Does the bat bring good luck while bringing happiness and peace?  Does it symbolize chaos and unhappiness?  Does soul take the shape of a bat when one is asleep?  Is someone trying to bewitch me? 

Or is it just a flying bat looking for a way out of a house?

Do you understand my situation?



  1. WHEW….I just had a bat incident this morning and I too knocked the snot out of the bat with a pillow. DAMN BAT!!!!

    I agree, who can sleep with a bat flying back and forth in your room. Did it bite me? I wonder…I have been reading articles that say to actually catch the bat, are you kidding me? With what, they fly around at the speed of light and have teeth!

    It was around 5:15 am when this all started. This is the best type of alarm system ever invented. No snooze button needed, when I saw that bat I was UP, no going back to sleep. I can’t remember the last time I was up this early.

    Bat is gone, I am up. Bat wins for losing.

    But I too ask, what does this mean. Rebirth, start fresh? Do I need to break it off with the girlfriend that’s been playing me? What is this encounter mean?

  2. Hello, I too had a bat in my home. I believe it is a symbol of evil but I am determine to search further. I know that Doves are a blessing but a bat. Since, than I was stopped by the police and fired from my job. My girlfriend crashed my car.
    So, what is the meaning of a bat flying in your home.

  3. Hello there,

    I have just caught a bat in my home no more than an hour ago im not too sure how it got in but my porch light was on all night attracting millers. But anyways I too was the Bat hunter of the house and lucky me I remembered my kid had a net for his stuffed animals and it worked perfectly and then I let it go outside.:)

    But I just found a site that says to have a bat visit you means that you will have wealth and prosparity and I really hope that is true cause I could use the money.

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