Posted by: noturreality | May 22, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Kicks off Summer Checklists

Memorial Day Weekend Kicks off Summer Checklists


This Memorial weekend officially kicks off the summer check list for lots of folks, this one included.  I’ve got a long list of things to do this summer, everything from a wedding in Wisconsin Dels, finding the perfect Philly Cheese in Philadelphia, fishing in Minnesota, visiting family in Southern California and partying in South Dakota.   It’s a lot more traveling than I was expecting, especially with the rise in the cost of living these days. 

And, yes, my list does include non-travel plans, like cleaning the basement and garage, tending to my section of the garden and building a cardboard boat.

So exactly what am I going to do with myself this Memorial Day Weekend?

I’m going camping in Iowa.

I’m fortunate enough to have friends with land in Iowa that isn’t being used to grow corn or soybeans.  They just so happen to have acres and acres upon acres of natural woodlands.  Which makes since, after all, these guys and their wives are hunters, not farmers. 

We won’t be doing much hunting for wild game, but we will camp and catch up on lost time.  They will bring their wives, kids and dogs, I’ll manage to drag my girlfriend along, and we’ll all sit around the campfire wondering what the poor people are doing right now.  Of course, my comment to that would be ‘you’re looking at it.’

All in all, I’m looking forward to officially tackling the Summer Checklist this Memorial Day Weekend – despite the ‘cost’ of living.



  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I hope the weather worked alright for you.

  2. The weather worked out and it was somewhat awesome.

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