Posted by: noturreality | May 21, 2008

One Way to Save Your Pennies at the Pump

BP Amaco, Don’t Go.

How often do you go to the gas station to purchase something other than gas, and when the register rings you up, say, something like $2.53, you pay and throw the extra change, or pennies, in the gas station penny jar – or The GS Kitty as I like to call it? 

I do it from time-to-time.  But I’m officially done with leaving my pennies behind.

Instead, I’m going to start doing the exact opposite and start taking from The GS Kitty, especially after filling up with gas.  This morning I put in exactly $25.03 (more pennies than petro, I know, I didn’t top it off, $25 doesn’t even get me half a tank).  That’s .03 cents more fuel than I paid for.  The .03 cents came from The GS Kitty.

A few year ago, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sent letters to six major U.S. options exchanges asking that they start providing prices in increments of pennies, rather than the 5-and 1-cent increments that are used.

Quoting in penny increments will benefit investors by allowing options quotes and orders to be expressed at better prices, and has the potential to enhance further the already strong competition and innovation that exists in the options markets,”  Christopher Cox, Chairman of the SEC said in a statement.

It will take me 33 trips to the pump to make a buck if I intentionally pump .03 cents extra during every trip. 

Now $1.00 isn’t even a gallon of gas, but by God it’s an extra dollar!

I think I’ll purchase a lottery ticket with that extra moolah.   I’ll probably win some $253 million.  Then I’ll reinvest a million of that in an oil company, reaping additional benefits for a year or two.  Then I’ll get out before it’s too late.  Eventually, I’ll get shot by my Marine Sniper neighbor, who did two Iraq tours too many, and who never agreed with my oil ventures.  Now I’m lying in a hospital bed in a coma for the next 7-8 years.  Soon my millions are back to pennies because health care is out of control and my family has found ways to spend it on gas station Twinkies, donuts and overpriced SUVs. 

I might just be better off paying that extra .03 cents myself and not even touching The GS Kitty.

Either way, I’m fucked.   



  1. Sounds like you have an excellent plan for your life. I should probably get a plan for when I win the lottery.


  2. A clause in your plan would be nice, one that would provide me $10 million once I get out of my coma. What do ya think?

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