Posted by: noturreality | May 21, 2008

Conversations with my Dog #2

Conversations with my Dog #2


Dog: You never popped me that popcorn last night, some friend you are.

Me: You’re little nap turned into a coma, so I went to bed.

Dog: Whatever, dude, what are you cutting up now.

Me: I’m making a fruit salad, grapes, pineapple and strawberries.

Dog:  We’ve got enough fruit salad walking around this place. Give me one of those grapes.  Come on, I want a grape, grape, grape!

Me:  You call’n me a fruit salad, little dog?  Here, here’s your grape.

Dog:  I think I will fuck around with this grape for a while

Me:  That grape is better for you than that damn popcorn

Dog: This grape is fun.  I think I will eat it later.  Give me a strawberry, pronto Mr. Fruit Salad Guy, let’s go, serve me up a strawberry!

Me:  You’ve gotten pretty demanding.  I hate to tell you this but….naw, I better wait….here is a strawberry.

Dog:  Holly shit! Oh my God! Oh MY GOD!  Now that is what I’m talking about. You’ve been feeding me that shit out of the bag while you could have been filling my bowl full of these strawberries?  What the…

Me: You like strawberries?  Do ya?

Dog:  I’ll sit here and I’ll be super cool if you give me another strawberry…super cool dude.  Cool as ice, right here I’ll sit.

Me: I suppose the strawberry won’t hurt you and your about to get snipped so why not.

Dog:  Strawberries, strawberries, I love them strawberries….what did you say, what is get snipped?

Me:  Here’s another strawberry.  We’ll talk about ‘getting snipped’ next week.

Dog:  If it’s as cool as these strawberries I’m all for the ‘get snipped’ next week.

Me: I hate to tell you this little guy but it’s not going to be as cool.


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