Posted by: noturreality | May 20, 2008

Why is Your Child’s Picture Online?

I’ve got a bit of a problem with parents posting their children’s pictures online.  So I decided to piece it all together after I came across a website called  There is a section on the website specifically for ‘kids pics’.  The website also allows dialog or discussion about the pictures that are posted.  The website was linked from, which is South Dakota’s largest newspaper’s online edition.

There are over 800 registered sex offenders in Sioux Falls, SD.

Am I missing something?

Posting a picture of your child to be viewed by people you don’t know is just as dangerous as Little Johnny being in an unmonitored chat room. 

We all know that every parent thinks their child is the cutest thing ever.  Guess what?  I got news for ya… Grandpa, Grandma and your neighborly friends aren’t the only ones that will agree with you.  There are thousands of internet pervs that think the same thing, but in a more grotesque manner.  The thought that someone could be masturbating to your child’s picture makes me sick for you.  I bet the thought makes your grandparents sick as well. 

Take the pictures down, please.  Why put a child at risk before they can even walk?

It’s not just the website in South Dakota.  There are similar sites like  But more importantly, it’s the family blogger, the proud parent, who keeps a running online picture story of Little Johnny and Betty Sue for the entire world to follow. 

It baffles me how parent’s celebrate their young children’s lives through online picture blogs, and not by text only stories.

Below is dialog between a parent, who posted a picture of her child online, and someone by the name of Dommer.  For all we know, Dommer and the parent don’t know each other.  Dommer could be a registered sex offender.  Heck, Dommer may not even be registered:

-(Dommer) I love the picture! She is soo cute, but looks so different with a hat on! 🙂

-(Mommyoftheprincess) Yeah, it does change her looks when you can’t see all her hair! I am so glad she kept that hat on, since it was so windy.
1st time mommy to our “princess”

Get a clue before you leave too many.


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