Posted by: noturreality | May 15, 2008

A Letter Never Addressed

A Letter Never Addressed


How long has it been now?  Maybe 4 or 5 years, wouldn’t you say?  At least 5 years since your return from Mexico.  Even though your trip south of the border was short lived, it was the demise of our relationship.  Wouldn’t you agree? 

It’s hard not to blame you for having the fun you did, after all, we were young and our relationship wasn’t built on anything more than whisky and sex.  If only we had been older, maybe we could have salvaged more good times than bad.

You consumed nearly a year of my life, so it’s hard not to think about you from time-to-time.  I’ll catch certain subtleties in people, reminding me of you, some good and some bad. 

Though, we gained more than we lost.  The battles and wars we fought with ourselves and each other only helped us out for today. 

It’s amazing how engaged souls can be and how quickly they can disband.


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