Posted by: noturreality | May 14, 2008

Did you take your Piggy Medicine?

Did you take your Piggy Medicine?


This past weekend I developed a scratch in my throat.  I noticed it Sunday morning over eggs & bacon.  It hurt to swallow.

I like to think that I keep myself pretty healthy.  I stay active, eat right for the most part, and keep my partying to the weekends.  Though, I have been running pretty hard the past two weekends.  Anyway, I was beginning to worry that this sore throat might turn into something a little more severe, because two friends had came down with tonsillitis or some sort of bronchitis over the last few days.  I don’t like feeling sick.  I don’t know anyone who does.  Heck, I can’t remember the last time was really laid up?  And these friends of mine weren’t feeling well, neither was I.

So I am complaining to a farmer friend of mine about this sore throat when he interrupts me about midway through.

 He has the remedy.

“I take it all the time,” he tells me. “It’s what I give my pigs.”

You see, my farmer friend is a pig producer.  He grows corn, soy beans and lots and lots of pigs.  He’s very successful.

When he said, ‘It’s what I give my pigs’ I about lost it.  What the fuck?  The first thought that came to me was the human pig in the ‘KillThePig’ ‘SaveThePig’ ‘FeedThePig’ commercials.  If I take this shit, I may turn into a pig or more of a pig….get it…okay, that was stupid.  But seriously, Pig Medicine?

It just so happens, the medicine he gives his pigs is penicillin. He goes into this big long piggy medicine explanation, etc. and I start to think to myself, would this be illegal for me to take?  I’m almost certain it would be illegal for him to provide me a dose, a nice big guzzle of the pink piggy stuff.

I research the piggy medicine and what I find is that the piggy penicillin is human penicillin.  It just so happens that I’m not allergic to penicillin.

I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t hurt you to try something once.  Heck, if its human medicine for a piggy it’s gotta be okay. 

So here I am now, almost back to 100%, and it feels good to swallow.  I wonder if my friends have taken their piggy medicine?

I think I’ll have a ham sandwich for lunch.



  1. People like you and the pig farmer are the reason there are antibiotic resistant infections these days. I am an old retired nurse. My doctor won’t give me, and I won’t take antibiotics unless I nearly need hospitalization, and there is some evidence of a bacterial infection. Like I’m coughing up copious amounts of green and/or yellow stuff. A sore throat is viral 99% of the time, and antibiotics don’t touch viruses. But the bacteria learn more about how to defeat them every time they are exposed. Google MRSA and necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease), and lay off the antibiotics unless a doctor prescribes them. And then be sure to take the full course of the antibiotics, so you don’t teach the little monsters how to resist yet another antibiotic.

  2. I hear where you are coming from. In all honesty, you won’t find me taking Advil for a hangover. Will I do it again, probably not.

    Okay, so I had more than a scratch in my throat. My tonsills where swollen like golf balls, but not to the point they had puss spots. I was feverish, spitting luggies every 2 minutes at 2 in the a.m. and I don’t have health insurance.

    Is it because people like me and the pig farmer, or is it because of rising health care?

    Thanks for the comment Nurse Silverstar

  3. If we lived in a civilized country we would have universal health care, and you wouldn’t need to go to a pig farmer for your medicine. I, too, in the beginning of my disability, went without health insurance for a bit. I don’t envy you. I would much rather our tax dollars were spent keeping our citizens healthy than making the lives of the Iraqi’s miserable. Go figure.

  4. Nurse Silverstar, I found the pig farmers story so over the top that I had to post. I had to find some sort of story in it. I’ve lived in a rural farming community the past three years and only till now, till I heard this bizare Farmer/Witch Doctor story, that I began to wonder how many other members of the community self medicate themselves with medicine from livestock. Blows my mind. I should revist the story, clean it up, peice it together from a different perspective, make it a better read….who knows….

    It’s along the same lines as farmers having the right to blow their neighbors dogs brains out because they think fitto might be stressing the cattle. Or worse yet, shooting fitto in the gut only to watch them bleed to death.

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