Posted by: noturreality | May 2, 2008

The Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party

It is bachelor party time boys and girls.  The shit is going to get a little silly this weekend, to say the least.  Just to note, I’m in the wedding party and am not the bachelor, though I am a bachelor but not ‘The Bachelor’.  And of course, I’m not the bachelorette or ‘The Bachelorette’ and I’m defiantly not the ‘Biggest Loser’. At least I don’t think so and I’m pretty sure the 9-month old English bulldog thinks the same.  I suppose if he didn’t, he would continue to shit in the living room.

Got my first text message around 6:00 in the a.m. regarding this weekend’s bash, and they have been rolling in since.  The Deal gets underway in about 4 hours but officially kicks off this afternoon around 3:30 pm.  Apparently, I’ll need to be prepared to get ‘ballistic’ and will ‘obviously make one too many regrets’, according to two of the text messages received in the last 10 minutes.  Not that I regret anything that I do, but I am 31 years old.  Have some class for once.  But seriously, I was thinking more along the lines as ‘bombastic’ and not giving a fly’n fuck.  So be it.  Let’s send this little fucker off in style.

Not that this is going to be my first rodeo or the first time I’ve been bucked off.  This appears to be more of a reunion with the boys you grew up with, guys that took the first step into adulthood with you, than any other bachelor party.  You celebrated your 21 together and a few even helped you drown your sorrows of your first big breakup together (by-the-way that bitch was stupid).  You traveled the countryside together and you traveled the countryside just to be together.  You lied around the morning after telling tales from the nights before.  And if you didn’t remember, they helped you remember.  You honestly did some seriously outlandish shit together.  You probably took your first hit together and you may have even got hit together.  You dated the same chick, at least once, or slept with her – together.  You shared ideas together and learned from one another.  

And now, one of them, is having his last go.  It’s time to settle down and open a new chapter in one’s life. 

I’ve witnessed a few divorces, an annulment and a few second marriages.  I’ll be happy to say this one will have nothing to do with the mentioned, making the bachelor party even more special.              

Oh the fun that we’ll have – the bachelor party. 


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