Posted by: noturreality | April 29, 2008

Minty Green E-Coli


This morning on my drive to work, I caught a story on NPR covering a bioengineering study at MIT.  I’m not an engineer or a biologist, but the story was very interesting yet very concerning at the same time. It sparked my curiosity.

Bioengineers basically rearrange living things, like playing with DNA, to produce fast changing results.  For centuries we have been doing this through different breeding techniques, as far as altering living creatures.  Not till recently have we really dove into the DNA play pin.

The bioengineers at MIT created a Minty Green E-Coli serotype (smells like wintergreen rather than dung).  I think there are over 700 serotypes of E-Coli that have been identified.  I’m not sure which serotype the Minty Green E-Coli was created from.

Now I could be totally off base here. Correct me if I’m wrong.  Like I said, I’m not an engineer or a biologist.

I do know that there are E-Coli serotypes that produce Shiga toxin (Stx) which are responsible for contaminated foods and beverages.  Shiga toxin is one of the most potent toxins known to man, so much so that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists it as a potential bioterrorist agent.

Obviously, one would think, that the culture dishes containing the E-Coli at MIT are far from carrying the Shiga toxin.  Most kinds of E-Coli do not cause disease in humans.  Yes, some are beneficial and some cause minor infections.

What concerns me is a Minty Green E-Coli serotype that produces Shiga toxin.  I don’t even know if a Shiga toxin smells, but what if it were to smell of wintergreen?  What if I go to the super market and grab some wintergreen tasting gum, could there be an increased chance of me buying a contaminated piece of gum with a wintergreen Shiga toxin?

Sounds to me bioterrorism just got a little more tricky.

Again, I could be totally off in left field with this story.  I would like to hear your input. 

Minty Green (smells like wintergreen) stuff that I can not eat because of the above shit…

Minty Green gum

Minty Green toothpaste (yeah I’ve ate it)

Minty Green brownies

Minty Green chacolate

Minty Green Tea

Minty Green Jelly

Minty Green JellyBeans

Minty Green Mints

Minty Green Smoothies

Minty Green Leafs

Minty Green Chacolate Chip Ice Cream (my freak’n favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I’m done.




  1. Enteresting. I would like to know more. You have a wide variety of reads.

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