Posted by: noturreality | April 25, 2008

Morning Hearsay

This morning I rose to a heavy downpour of rain and a puppy in need of a potty break, which was followed by an uncanny number of chirping birds.  The 6:15 am alarm didn’t it even have an opportunity. 

I managed to answer the pooch’s calling before his flood gates opened on the hardwood floor or the prestick kitchen tiles, and sometimes the sofa-couch.  Yet, outside was a different story.  Still dark, rain attacked the perimeters of the house, and I left the windows open. 

The dog always goes to the back door, through the kitchen, and onto a screened in porch with a wind torn, door less entryway from the outside.  I attached the 30-some-foot red chain, anchored to a giant corkscrew dug into the backyard, to his collar before he ventured off.      

She lay there quietly, still faking a dream state, leaving me to take care of the dog.  She has used my trick two days in a row now.  She’s onto me.  I’m onto her.

We lay there together, in darkness.  The rain has tempered off to a cool drizzle and the birds chirp louder.  I’m not in bed for more than five minutes when the dog begins to bark.  

His bark is a little odd sounding from his normal let-me-in bark, but I get up and head downstairs, once again, this time to let him in.  He sits outside the porched in area on the concrete step, curiously looking about, amongst the darkness and gentle sprinkle.  The birds in full morning song. 

He is talking to the birds.  Or from a neighbor’s perspective, it’s 5:20 am and he is barking.    



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